EURO-MADI Festival

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EURO-MADI Festival


Salvador PRESTA (I) 1952

Esterházy Palace and Baross Street,
Győr, 11th and 12th September 1998

Győr as winner of the „Europe Award” has been entitled to hold a European Day within the scope of the PHARE Programme of European Integration. This meeting will be visited by EU representatives and ambassadors from almost all countries on the continent. The event aims at affirming the European thought, increasing the population’s knowledge of the European Union, and building international cultural and artistic relationships.

Although the Museum Bridge project unique In Europe has been a civil initiative, its mentality is in close connection with these ideas, and hence the Győr City Council, which organises the EU Days, has officially approved of the International EURO-MADI Exhibition and Art Festival, whose main goal is to facilitate the construction of the MADI Museum Bridge in Pinnyéd, Győr.

Artists participating in the EURO-MADI exhibition

Precursors: Lajos Kassák, László Moholy-Nagy, László Péri, Joaquín Torres García
Belgium: Faucon, Timer
France: Arden Quin, Baudry, Bézie, Binet, Blaszko, Bolivar, Branchet, Caporicci, Girodon, Froment, Herrera, Lapeyrère, Neyrat, Pasquer, Roitman, Stempfel, Stephant, Ugarte
Japan: Mori, Matsuda, Satoru
Hungary: Bányász, Bucskó, Ézsiás, Fajó, Galgóczy, Haász, Haraszty, Herczegh, Horváth, Jolathy, Konok, Kovács, Marafkó, Matzon, Saxon
Italy: Cecere, Frongi, Bernardini, Mascia, Milo, Nicolato, Perrozzelli, Pilone, Pinna
Slovakia: Dobes
USA: D’Amico, Dron, Usner

Organisers of the festival:
the International MADI Museum Foundation and the Hungarian MADI Group

Trustee: Zsuzsa Dárdai
PR Manager: Júlia Ránki
Director of the exhibition: Saxon

Sponsors of the MADI Museum Bridge project and the EURO-MADI Festival:
Hungarian Millennial Memorial Committee
National Cultural Foundation
Győr City Council
Rába Rt. Győr
International MADI Group
EURO-MADI Fesztivál (Győr, 1998)


Friday, 11th September, Esterházy Palace
Gallery of the City Art Museum

International press conference of MADI ISSUES:
– Review of the MADI movement and the International MADI Museum Presented by Carmelo Arden Quin (Paris) and Zsuzsa Dárdai (Budapest)
– International MADI Museum on the Rábca Bridge at Pinnyéd Architectural conceptions introduced by Csaba S. Rosta (Győr)

At the press conference the second issue of the geometric abstract art periodical MADI will be introduced, accompanying the festival.

AUCTION to the benefit of the Museum Bridge
Some of the artists who have contributed to the auction: Arden Quin, Bolivar, Froment, Fajó, Konok, Schöffer, Vasarely. Auction led by Júlia Tőkés, Ráday Gallery.

MADI music: Győr Percussion Ensemble
Opening ceremony of the International EURO-MADI Exhibition
Presentation by art historian Dr. László Beke
MADI Ballet – Choreography by Ottó Demcsák, Győr Ballet Company

For this occasion the Hungarian MADI Group publishes a serigraphical portfolio, which will be sold to the benefit of the Museum Bridge. The portfolio can be bought or ordered at Esterházy Palace during and after the exhibition, or alternatively:

– in Győr, at the Vár-Art Gallery or
– in Budapest, at the Ráday Gallery

Saturday, 12th September, Baross Street


MADI Museum in Győr, on the Rábca Bridge at Pinnyéd
The artists meet the inhabitants of Győr

– MADI sculpture (György Galgóczy)
– MADI Bridge (Csaba S. Rosta)
– MADI free-cards (Éva Bányász)
– MADI periodical (Dárdai, Saxon)
– MADI music (Győr Percussion Ensemble)