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Írta: Carmelo Arden Quin


Carmelo ARDEN QUIN (F) 1987

…There is no life without geometry: Our whole World is geometrical: the Earth, the Sun, the planetary motion, our bed we sleep and make love in, the table we sit at and write on, the plates containing our food the vase we fill with water, our kitchen equipment, all of these have geometric shapes. The human eye ” our most wonderful organ, without wich there would be no civilization”  has geometric shape but it is a MADI object as well, full of motion and dynamism. ?The eye is the object of Light? said Leonardo da Vinci.

Pieces of art are flowers of human intellect. They follow our history, accompany the progress and changes of all humankind. What’s the point of art? It is discussed so academically even here in Paris, in the capital of all arts. It should be approached in a more simple way. Like what’s the point of a flower? What does it mean? What does it symbolize? Nothing. it exists simply and that is the wonder of it. What are the parts of this wonder? Its shape? Its colors? Or its flagrance? And what does the flagrance mean? Nothing. It means it exists. The same can be said about music. Sounds can be identified with themselves. Think about a Bach fugue for example. The same idea can be applied to geometric art. It symbolizes nothing. It represents nothing. it means nothing. It is an impression, a feeling wich grabs, touches universality.

A. Q.

(MADI art periodical No5)