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Movement, Abstraction, Dimension, Invention

Salvador PRESTA (I) Luce divina 1991

The purpose of the MADI art periodical is the discovery and presentation of the artistic and (artistically related) scientific aspects of geometric abstraction. We wish to provide creative and industrial artists, musicians as well as dancers, poets and prose writers working in a visual framework with an opportunity to share their activity.

Through this periodical, representing a high aesthetic quality, we also plan to affect those people who are not committed to abstract art but are receptive towards the „beautiful” and thus ” in a wider perspective ”  to participate in the formation of material and environmental culture.

The traditions of the periodical stem from the history of the more than fifty-year-old MADI movement, the classical avant-garde, and the periodical „Ma” edited by Lajos Kassák in response to his ideal of finding and establishing new values. We wish to create spiritual and intellectual communication between the past and the present, the present and the future, East and West, on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Hungarian MADI group and foundation started an international millennial exhibition series in September 1998 at the Euro-MADI Festival held in Győr, which found its way to several sites in France and Italy as well. In the present publication, we plan to give an overview of these events. We pay special attention to the past and present of Italian geometric art, we reflect on the Italian Futurist traditions, which can be traced in the oeuvres of contemporary Italian geometric artists, and particularly Italian MADI artists.

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(MADI art periodical No3)